SIGWONET Business Plan and Asset Information

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Intro: Welcome to SIGWONET! I build multipools, lead development work on UNOMP (, created SigBOT, and creates custom autobot (unintelligent) multipool exchangers. I am also a Senior Executive and Lead Developer of CORE (

I will be dividending 100% of any net profits from the following projects/activities:

01 JAN 2016 SIGFARM Phase 1:
SIGFARM asset is created, but I am first running a BTCJam campaign to raise ~34BTC. This will fund the first 8-9 S7 mining rigs, installed at my residence. Once those are up and running, I will be launching the SIGFARM token sale to secure an industrial property near my residence. I plan on the token sale beginning in the first part of March. Until then, the S7 miners will be turning profit and paying back the BTCJam loan. The BTCJam is 2-fold: It gives me initial capital without starting the token sale and it gives me access to credit liquidity to expand in the future. The initial S7 miners are my Proof of Concept to fiat lenders and new investors in my area that are interested in Bitcoin but don't know where to start. Also, if the below news gets straightened out, SIGFARM is that much further ahead. 5% of released SIGFARM assets will be transferred to SIGWONET. Great things coming in 2016!

01 JAN 2016 News:
Project manager has not paid, working on it with him, I'm presuming lost for the rest of the project length. I'll move on to other opportunities :)

23 OCT 2015 News:
I have been tuning SigBOT BTC/USD and have been doing well across 2 exchanges. I will be adding a 3rd BTC/USD exchange in the coming week. Arbitrage, spot, and futures are being played where applicable. 1broker bot has been tested and deployed in small trades. Watching closely, so far we are break even on the trading indicators. Manual FOREX trading has gone well. To maximize the trading effectiveness, more BTC is needed to spread across exchanges to take advantage of arbitrage without waiting on withdraw/deposit activities.

Dividends: 100% of monthly net profits are used for dividend payments. Sales, projects, and expenses will be recorded in a ledger hosted on Google Apps for my record keeping. All dividends are paid in NXT to the addresses of the asset holders MONTHLY near the END of the month. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: I, and any investors, could lose money. Nothing is guaranteed, but rest assured, I am not running with your hard earned money. I will also pledge to be transparent and as profitable as possible. I reserve the right to sell OTC during any period. None of my 90% will be sold OTC.

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